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Opening hours

We serve food at La Grenette in Lausanne:

In the summer, we run the kitchen at La Grenette in central Lausanne where we serve up some fun flavourful dishes ranging from great salads at lunch to or amazing Mexican tacos in the evening

Address: Place de la Riponne 10, Lausanne


Summer opening hours:

Monday Closed

Tuesday 12h00-14h00 and 18h00-22h00

Wednesday 12h00-14h00 and 18h00-22h00

Thursday 12h00-14h00 and 18h00-22h00

Friday 12h00-14h00 and 18h00-22h00

Saturday 12h00-14h00 and 18h00-22h00

Sunday brunch 11h30-15h00 and 18h30-23h00


Come and visit our food stand at La Riponne every Tuesday:

We run a food stand every Tuesday lunch at La Riponne food market where you can grab one of our famous Skinny Bitch salads

Place de la Riponne, Lausanne


Opening hours:

Tuesdays 11h00 – 15h00